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Steering Systems : Electronic


UPA 123 – Electronic power actuator
• Plug & play system
• Absence of hydraulic hoses onboard .- no purging operations required
• Virtually maintenance-free
• Integra JS™ with UPA123 is ready for use, once installed
• Reduced size wire, can be easily connected and disconnected to/from the actuator, thanks its the specific connector.




Steering Systems : Hydraulic

Integra™ equiped with UPA123

Integra™ equipped with UPA123 - Outboard electronic power steering system. ... 

 UJS Joystick, for Integra JS™ electronic steering system, allows a more intuitive way of driving. Designed for low speed manoeuvring, the Joystick grants precision and driving comfort and facilitates docking and trailer procedures as the boat can move sideways, diagonally or spin on its own axis.

SVS-33 SilverSteer™ packaged kit
UC378-I Inboard Cylinder

Balanced: the number of turns lock-to-lock is equal port to starboard or vice-versa



Control Systems

Explore Ultraflex complete range of innovative and reliable boat control systems.
Ultraflex, with years of experience in the recreational boating industry, offers reliable and high-quality solutions.



 Steering Wheels



With years of experience in the field, we are proud to offer a wide range of boat steering wheels designed with care, precision, and cutting-edge technology.

Our steering wheels feature innovative designs that combine elegance and functionality, offering customization services to tailor our steering wheels to your preferences.