Boat Accessories


    LIGHTS Starboard and Port navigation lights
      Masthead, stern navigation Lights upto 20 meters boats, 12v, 25W bulb
      Vertical and horizontal mount Navigation side lights
      Side lights
      Stern and all round Lights
      Telescoping and plugin all round lights
      Warning, anchor and tri-color lights
      Perko LED ceiling lights
      Lamps,transom, swilve and utility lights and lamps
      Lights Dome
      Lamps, Underwater Lights
      Lights Flourescent
      Deck Lights, access ports, trailer lights
      Lights Led
      Ceiling and roof led lights
      Spot light, flood light, Search Lights with remote conttrol
      Reading Lights and marine fans
      Led Bulbs fleston type
      Jabsco:SearchLights with Remote Control, 135SL, 146SL 
      Search Lights with Remote Control Jabsco, Flush mount Floodlights. 
      Optronics: Blue eye beamSpot Lights, headlamps
      Plastimo: Offshor Compasses for boat size from 5 meters and above. 
      Plastimo and Doris Compasses
      Compasses From Navtech and Rule
    FENDERS n BUOYS Polyform Buoys and Fenders F-Series
      Polyform Buoys and Fenders A-series
      Polyform CC-series, WS-series buoys
      Elite Covers for Polyform Buoys and Fenders : Fendress
      Steering wheels
      Hydraulic steering systems
    Marine Pumps and Toilets Jabsco :Delux flush serire and designer Electric Toilets
      Jabsco Self priming Macerator Pumps
      TMC : Marine Toilets, heavy duty wiper motor and blades
      TMC Marine Toilets
      TMC Electric Toilets and conversion kits
      TMC Float Switches, safety protector panels, flush control for electric toilets
      Water pumps from Jabsco (water system, pressure) Paramax
      Bilge pumps from Rule (semi and fully automatic)
      Bilge pumps(3700GPH, 4000 GPH) from Rule, Impeller Removal Tool, automatice float switch, 3 way lighted rocker panel switch.
      Drain Systems from Rule livewell pumps, tournament series dual port, shower drain system.,
      Washdown pumps from Jansco cockpit washdown pump, solid blue hose coil.
      Blowers from Rule (inline, flange mount), Blower ducting.
      Bilge Pump Hose, Manual, amazone bulkhead, Amazone strainer, Bilge hose, float switch, bilge pum alaram switch. 
      Tsunami Bilge Pumps from Attwood
      Marine shower from Attwood ,stainless steel bezel, float switch, Electric bilge switch.
      Bilge Pumps from TMC (GPH: 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000) 
      Bilge Pumps from TMC : automatic float switch, bilge pump with chain, HME flopumps (FL35, FL40).
      Bilge Pumps;fully Automatic from TMC 
    Trailors, Jacks, Winches Polyurethane Rollers for Trailers
      Heavy duty keel rollers and bow guards for Trailers
      Trailer Coupler, Ball, trailer rope, winch strap and cable
      Trailer Winches
      Bradley: Jockeys upto 2250kg.
      Trailors Jack Couplers, winches upto 3200lbs.
      Ball Mounts, pintle hooks
    Anchors Danforth: hot dipped galvanizedAnchors, anchor chute and roller
    Switcher, Panels, Horns Switches (Toggle, Rocker, horn, on/off)
      Switches (Position, Starter, Ignition), Fuse
      Marine Horns, Cigarret Lighter, power sockets
      Gang Switches panels with circut breakers and LED
      Gang Waterproof and splashproof Panel Switches
      Gang Panel Switches with LED
      Gang Panel Switches
      Gang Panel Switches
      Fuse and Terminal Blocks, Copper Bus Bars
      Kill Switch keys,Hose Climps, deck connector, battery box
      Mini, windlass and heavy duty Battery Switches
      Battery Selector Switches
      Battery Switches