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Our shop in Dubai, UAE, is the place where you can buy waterbird Delux Harnesses, Delux Parasail Ruchsack, Delux Deck Bag and Flight Wich Ropesl at discount prices for commercial and individual use alike.


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Double the fun, or for commercial operators, double your profit with our world acclaimed Doubleizer bar system. Now an established favourite with operators worldwide the Doubleizer bar offers an increase in business turnover without increasing operators workloads. The attraction of flying safely alongside a loved one, whilst holding hands or chatting is just too great for many holiday makers to resist.

Make life double the fun!!

easy to use by design

  • Simply attach to the appropriate Waterbird® Parasail.
  • Clip harnessed passenger to colour coded strap according to weight.
  • Comfortable distance between flyers promotes confidence.
  • No awkward adjustments between flights (for operator).
  • Designed to give correct balance as photos show.
  • Metal to metal connection to parasail.
  • No safety wires! Correct by design.

All bars made from HE30 Aluminium Extruded Flat Bar powder coated to protect from salt! All fittings stainless steel / all webbings polypropylene
Front view
Back view

Doubaleizer Pro...

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New for 2010/11!!

Since the launch of our Doubleizer™ bar back in 1995 the sport of commercial parasailing has seen a radical change in how operators run their businesses around the world from single rides only to now offering double and triple rides day in day out. More and more operators now only offer double and triple rides within their businesses so due to this demand for double flights, Waterbird have redesigned the original very successful strap adjustment Doubleizer bar to have a greater degree of weight balance capacity to match a wider range of clients.

The new Doubleizer™ Pro offers the same 5 point adjustable balance system that the Tripleizer bar has utilized since 1998. This simple 5 point adjustment system has proved with operators around the world to be by far the best and easiest way to adjust for weight balance with clients.  Just look around the web and you will see 90% of all photos published showing double / triple ride parasailing use the Waterbird bar system.

Make life well balanced and easier!!


OVER 60 IN USE WORLDWIDE since its launch in January 2010

Doubleizer Pro Operating instructions

0 0 Kg - 5 Kg
1 6 Kg-15 Kg
2 16 Kg-27 Kg
3 28 Kg - 38 Kg
4 39 Kg - 50 Kg
5 51 Kg - 62 Kg

The above instructions are a guide only.


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Once again the first with innovation, Waterbird® are the only company able to offer the commercial operator a system that can fly three people side by side in total comfort. Since it's launch in 1998 the Tripleizer bar has changed many businesses around the world.

As an operator isn't it time you made a whole family's day!

Operting instructions

Double ride
0 0 Kg - 3 Kg A.C D,F
1 4 Kg - 10 Kg A,C D,F
2 11 Kg - 17 Kg A,C D,F
3 18 Kg-24 Kg A,C D,F
4 25 Kg-31 Kg A,C D,F
5 32 Kg - 38 Kg A,C D,F
0 39 Kg - 45 Kg A,D E,F
1 46 Kg - 52 Kg A,D E,F
1 53 Kg - 59 Kg A,D E,F
3 60 Kg - 66 Kg A,D E,F
4 67 Kg-73 Kg A,D E,F
5 74 Kg - 80 Kg A,D E.F

Triple Rides
0 0 Kg - 3 Kg A,B CD E,F
1 4 Kg - 10 Kg A,B CD E,F
2 11 Kg - 17 Kg A,B CD E,F
3 18 Kg-24 Kg A,B CD E,F
4 25 Kg-31 Kg A,B CD E,F
5 32 Kg - 38 Kg A,B CD E,F

The oddest weight is placed in the middle, i.e... one person @ 80kg, one @ 90kg and one @ 40kg, then the 40kg person goes in the middle. Or one person @ 70kg, one @ 80kg and one @ 125kg, then the 125kg person goes in the middle.

Delux harness...

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the best quality you like

The Waterbird harnesses are the No.1 choice with commercial operators around the world - WHY? With their superior quality webbing, stainless carbines, choice of sizes, total comfort and up to 30% longer life in sunlight the reason is simple! All Waterbird harnesses come with full padding for total comfort, and as standard a 6" (150mm) one piece webbing seat pad. Once you've tried our harnesses we are sure you will think they are the best too. ALL WEBBING 2.6mm WOVEN THICKNESS SIZES: Colour coded for ease of use

No.1 choice with commercial operators around the world!!!
Colour coded for ease of use


Deluxe parasail rucksack...

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Waterbird® are proud to introduce this great new fully padded super strong Cordura™ parasail stuff bag that converts in to a rucksack for easy carrying.

It is ideal for the end of day routine for either a winchboat operator or beach operator, as the crewman can simply lass up the lines of the parasail or parasails and then simply stuff them inside for quick and easy storage at night. The bag is fully padded and has a water proof liner with 4 drain holes on the base and an inner netted pocket for harnesses.

The bag is big (32"/80cm high and 24"/60cm diameter) and will hold any size parasail or a number of parasails even if they are unfolded. It is constructed to the highest quality and made from 1000 denier Cordura™, fully padded with a simple strong pull string top for long life in this salt air environment and comes complete with embroidered Waterbird® logos.

!!! Do not store parasails wet as colour transfer may occur from panel to panel !!!

Deluxe parasail Deck Bag...

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Waterbird® are proud to introduce this great new fully padded super strong Cordura™ parasail stuff bag that converts in to a rucksack for easy carrying.

Waterbird® are proud to introduce this great new super strong Cordura™ parasail double zip deck bag that converts into a storage bag for easy carrying.

This extra large cordura ™ deck bag is designed to work in conjunction with the Launch Buddy ™ mast system.

The new design deck bag connects directly to the winchpost pod of a commercial winchboat via its secure strap on the back of the bag which means the bag is securely attached to the boat when driving to and from the dock.

The deck bag is designed to keep the parasail out of the harmful UV sunlight when not flying but due to its design it still allows the operator to have the parasail fully rigged and ready to go via the Launch Buddy ™ mast for the next paying boat trip.

The deck bag has a double opposing zip fastener system that runs around the complete bag allowing it to be fully opened and folded fat on the deck of the boat for launching and packing of the parasail.

It also has a fully waterproof lining with 4 stainless steel eyelets to allow any water to drain out together with stylish embroidered Waterbird ® logos throughout thus matching all the other Waterbird ® equipment on the boat like the body harnesses and Tripleizer / Doubleizer bar systems giving the boat that true professional look throughout.

Twin Carry Handles
Twin opening zipper system

Adjustable securing strap

Flightline winch ropes...

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Considered to be the ultimate rope for commercial winchboats.

Flightline offers unparalled performance and longevity. Its double braid on braid construction has built in high energy shock load absorption, with a maximum possible extension of 25% flightline is capable of coping with the roughest of conditions allowing for a much smoother ride for the flyer/parasail and winchboat alike.

  • Diameter: 8mm.
  • Clip Available in 200m rolls.
  • Shipping weight: 6kg per 100m.
  • Min breakload 1450kg / 3200lb.
  • Shock load absorption 25% extension.
  • Diameter: 10mm.
  • Available in 200m / 300m/400m rolls.
  • Shipping weight: 7kg per 100m.
  • Min breakload 2650kg / 5800lbs
  • Shock load absorption 25% extension.
  • Manufactured for parasailing.